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The New Leaf Energy Coaching & Kinesiology

With my 25 years comprehensive clinic experience you'll get a thorough and deep understanding of knowing who you are and what holds you back.

✔ Reset your energy

✔ Confidently move forward or start a new direction

✔ Get out of dysfunctional situations

✔ Focus on what you really want

✔ Understand and accept yourself

✔ Work with your strengths and overcome weaknesses

What can you expect?​

​Of course everyone is different and has individual results depending on where they are at, but it is reasonable for you to expect big changes! 

In your initial consultation we will discuss your situation and start balancing your priority issue. ​In every session you will experience a meaningful shift.

Balancing your energy may involve accupressure, breathing techniques, visualisations, and repeating affirmations. There is often tapping, rubbing or holding points on the body to release trapped emotions and clear the energy pathways.

​​Allow yourself some time after your sessions to relax and integrate your experience, value the work you are doing for yourself.​

What people are saying

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I know by now that every single time we work together, I can feel a shift occurring - there has never been a session when I thought, oh well, that didn't really do anything. This has not always been the case when I saw other practitioners (kinesiology or others). Secondly, it is also that complete feeling of trust and safety that I have when we work together. You are never judgmental, and I can always tell that you care about me as a person, not just a client who brings in money.

— Anja

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Zoe & I have worked through a lot of underlying issues, some of which I didn't even know existed. It's comforting to know there are reasons for certain traits I have and has been empowering to eliminate those traits that can be changed and accept those that can not. I feel more motivated, more aware, with a greater sense of self worth, and eager to get stuck into a new career. You've changed my life and I will forever be grateful.​ Thank you xx

— Rebecca

Things you can work on:

  • Getting into your flow!
  • Release sabotages blocking your courage
  • Align with your purpose and creativity
  • Heal relationships and communication
  • Encourage post traumatic growth
  • Address childhood issues
  • Stop blocking what you actually want
  • Start healthy habits
  • Overcome depression and anxiety patterns
  • Deal with grief or loss
  • Get motivated and follow through
  • Smooth career transition​ and life changes
  • Integrate spiritual awakening
  • Past life and familial clearing and integration
  • Break codependency and neediness
  • ​Recover from narcissistic abuse
  • Let go of toxic situations
  • Emotional balance and harmony
  • Take up being relaxed as a default state

Phone Consultations

Many people ask, how can you do kinesiology by phone?

Phone sessions work just like in clinic, the difference is the use of surrogate muscle monitoring. Surrogate means instead of monitoring the client's muscles the practitioner muscle tests themselves on the clients behalf.

Our energy is not bound to our immediate physical environment, an example is when you are on the phone to a friend or relative many miles away, you can still feel their presence and what they are saying, even though they are in another location.

With the permission of the client a practitioner may tune in and balance their energy for the duration of the session only.

You will be emailed comprehensive notes at the end every session.

Phone session feedback

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It is equally effective via phone as face to face. I was amazed at that.

— Linda J.

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After the phone session I wasn't in pain, I was less overwhelmed, I was a lot calmer and was able to enjoy the time away with my family. Without Zoe I wouldn't have been able to cope or interact.

— Tanya

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It was helpful to connect with Zoe via phone as I live away. I felt listened to and was able to gain the skills needed to overcome the obstacle that was preventing growth or movement forward.

— M.A.

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I did my program via telephone as I live in a different state. I would have loved face to face with Zoe although I don’t believe it would have altered my results.

— Mandi

Energy Reset Session

Life Make Over Program